International Networking for Women Farmers

What and Why

Farming can be a lonely business, especially for women farmers, who face unique challenges.   The International  Women Farmers Group on Facebook is a professional learning network of women across the globe who earn their living by farming in their unique contexts. Members share the goal of producing the highest quality products possible and having a positive impact on their customers' lives. They meet bimonthly  to:

  • focus on ways to grow small-scale agricultural businesses without increasing inputs, labor or land.
  • exchange expertise and experience.
  • mobilize and generate knowledge.
  • develop strategies for meeting unique challenges.


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Online meetings: We use Zoom to meet virtually. You will receive information via email about how to sign in to a meeting. Zoom works on all devices and allows us to use video and share information on our computer screens to make presenting easy.  Working language: English, with cooperative support in French.

1st Session on 20 Feb 2018

Participants at the first session learned about colleagues' farms in France, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Mongolia, Canada and the USA. They learned about each others' unique challenges and discovered commonalities, including passion, determination, hard work, all to achieve the highest quality possible. The session ended with response from guest expert Sylvia Moser-Trebo, who identified fields of resonance that empower the participants' brands individually and across cultural and geographical boundaries. 

2nd Session on 30 May 2018!

Guest Expert Sylvia Moser-Trebo

Slyvia is an international brand consultant with a broad range of experience and an approach to branding that is summed up in her slogan, "Empowering identity."

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